Friday, June 13, 2014

Lifestyle Sports Chalk Drawing Press Release

Our chalk drawing made it to pg.3 in yesterdays Irish Independent! Unfortunately they forgot to metion my teammates Helga and Jeff and spelled my my name wrong but at least the drawing looks good!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Lifestyle Sports Chalk Drawing

So the past 2 weeks have been fairly mental. I was commissioned by Presence PR to draw a map of the world in chalk for their client, Lifestyle Sports for The World Cup 2014. The drawing had to be large enough for models to be photographed standing in their respective countries meaning the scale of the drawing had to be 14 by 30 metres! The delivery time was at 11.30am this morning so we (Helga and Jeff, my awesome teammates) started at 5am. Having previously done a test run 2 days before our method was fairly solid but the ever present threat of crap Irish weather ruining everything was enough to deprive one of sleep for a few nights leading up to today. Luckily for us, The weather was glorious and everything went according to plan (literally couldn't belive how smoothly it all went, we even finished it with time to spare....). The drawing was actually really quick. The grid on the other hand, was painful. Two and a half hours of delirium. Will post a link of the photo call after the press release, Want to thank Paulie G for hookin' me up. Was good craic!   

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bus Drawings

Bus drawing... because while you mind your own business, I'm drawing you from a distance.....Plenty of interesting folk on Dublin buses. Awkward gettin caught though, feel like a major creep.

Work from The Bridge

Heres a few quick comps I did for Jam Media for a kids t.v show still in devevlopment. At the time, nothing was defined as far as the look of the show so we were encouraged to go crazy with the visuals. I'm not mad on designing content for children but working on this project got me to get out of my comfort zone and the results hopefully reflect how much i enjoyed working on these. These are about a year old now so I'm seriously fighting the urge to go in and fix some of the mistakes. Anyways, I've got loads of these so expect a few more while I work on some darker content.