Thursday, May 29, 2014

Shadow Moses

Ok, so posting a sketch a day might have been slightly ambitious and I have failed horribly thus far... but not because I havn't been painting, but because posting unfinished work sucks balls. I have however been working on this. I'm trying to get my work to the next level so the past few days has been a lot of experimenting and frustration. I wouldn't call this piece finished but I've taken it as far as it can go without throwing my laptop out the window. It's my take on 'Shadow Moses' from 'MetalGear Solid'. Brilliant game!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Here is just a brief overview of my main roles within the making of my group student film "Shoot!". These primarily being texture and lighting artist. I did concept work and animated a few scenes also. The team consisted of (Rory ConwayKieran Noone and Dave Slattery). Check out their work!

Saturday, May 17, 2014


So my sketch for today is going to be my entry for a design lab challenge on hosted by Sinix Design. The challege is to re-design the Vic-Viper spaceship vehicle that adheres to specific design criteria. 1 vertical "wing", 2 side "wings", and 2 forward facing "wings". I started with the silhouettes before doing the rough line drawings. I chose the one that was working best to paint but is currently a WIP because I'm goin out to see Terriers and Lumigraph tonight !

Friday, May 16, 2014

Sketch 'a' Day

I'm going to try to post a sketch a day to keep up my productivity and to try to improve my skills. And also to put out more content for everyone who is following my page. To start off my 'sketch a day', I'm posting this portrait i did this morning of one of my favourite writers/philosopher, Manly Palmer Hall. It's a bit more than a sketch but I need to get back into painting. Pretty straight forward study from photo reference focusing on values and trying to be a bit more selective in terms of where I put details.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Decided to do a paint-over on a piece I did about 9 months ago. I can definately see where I've improved but there's still a lot of areas I need to work on. Ive been primarily working in 3D this year so my painting has taken a back seat. Can't wait to really get stuck in once college is done!! .... Original piece can be found =>HERE

PlayStation "Our Shoes"

An ad I worked on produced by Rebecca Bourke of Assembly. Directed by the very talented Ciaran Foy. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to work on the project and am blown away by the final product!! The ending is top dollar!!

Daffodil Day 2014 - Just One Day TV ad

An Ad i worked on with Russell Curran Productions for the Irish Cancer Society for their Daffodil Day 2014 campaign. Directed by Stevie Russell. First project I've been involved in to get air time so far so it's a big thing for me to see it on TV. Funny thing actually, The first bit of money I made from my art (50Euro for a print of one of my paintings) had me so humbled and thankful at the prospect of actually making a living from my talent, that i felt it was only right that I give it to a cause outside of myself, a sort of thank you to the Universe for my countless blessings. Anyways, I gave it to my mum to donate to a charity of her choice. Having had cancer herself she donated it to the Irish Cancer Society and a few months later I was approached to work on the Ad which has opened up opportunities for which i am very grateful. Its crazy how synchronicities arise in our experience of life and even crazier when we have the insight to notice them. This instance serves as a reminder within my own life on how its always nice to be nice and that what goes around comes around in a big way. PEACE!   LINK==> Daffodil Day 2014 - Just One Day TV ad

Here are some of the boards I did for them: